Katarzyna Dorsey

Katarzyna Dorsey

Założycielka & CEO Yosh.AI

Recognized as one of Forbes’ “100 European Female Founders”, Kasia Dorsey has brilliantly transitioned from years of marketing with The Coca-Cola Co., to constructing a revolutionary tech venture. She established Yosh.AI to disrupt traditional communication channels between enterprises and consumers with an emphasis on voice AI and GenAI agents.

Yosh.AI is an industry pioneer, offering AI voice and text virtual assistants, across a myriad of communication platforms in over 100 languages. The firm has successfully partnered with an impressive portfolio of international clients across the EMEA, specializing in domains like retail, banking, insurance, and more. Yosh.AI’s expertise lies in integrating automation into their communication systems via AI and Generative AI.

Recognized as a global Google Cloud Partner, Yosh.AI stands out as a leading conversational AI partner for the EMEA. The company’s innovation and success have earned them prestigious accolades, such as the AI Journal’s “Global Excellence Awards” for “Best Use of AI for Customer Experience” in 2021. Forbes has vocally praised Yosh.AI as a company revolutionizing the future of retail.

As the visionary behind Yosh.AI, Kasia’s passion extends beyond the realm of deep-tech. She’s an avid advocate for leveraging AI and Generative AI to drive business value. Additionally, she actively participates as a mentor at Google for Startups Programs, fostering the growth of innovative and impassioned individuals. Kasia Dorsey’s purpose-driven entrepreneurial journey illustrates her commitment to enhancing communication experiences through technology and nurturing the next generation of tech entrepreneurs.

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